Importance of Internet and Moblie Phones in English Language

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Importance of Internet & Mobile phones in the English Language

“The way to bring a language to life is to be able to converse in it every day” Mary Hanafin Despite years of learning the language, the students fail miserably in English communication. Research studies hold our examination system responsible for this set back. The evaluation pattern has made both the students and teachers believe that English is a subject to be learned. Hence, they prepare to face the examination by memorizing a few essays, paragraphs and annotations and get a pass in it. When they need to write something on their own or face a situation to converse, they struggle hard. Now, the educationists and teachers realize the actual need of the hour and strongly believe that English is not a subject but a language of four skills. Skill #1: Listening Skill #2: Speaking Skill #3: Reading Skill #4: Writing Importance of English Language in today’s world and the importance of mobile phones and Internet in English Language:- The importance of English Language in today’s world is unexpectedly common. It is spoken world wide, every moment. In fact it is spoken by 80% of the world’s approximate population. English Language has “developed” or “spread” in this world remarkably in the last forty years as you can see down in the pie chart and bar diagrams;

As you can see the increase of top 5 languages in the past forty years, English becomes the most...
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