Being a Successful English Learner

Topics: Education, Learning, Psychology Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Being A Successful English Learner
English has taken an important role in a number of schools. Not only in international standard state schools that use English in doing their learning process, but also in many private schools which utilize it to make the students might be able to use it in their daily activity. In the study of English, some students can understand easily and get successful. However, others may find it very hard to study English well. It seems that learning English brings not only pleasure, but also trouble for students. As a result, what we have to do is to find out several keys to be a successful learner of English. One of the keys is we need to surround ourselves with English. This means that we have to use English whenever and wherever we are. Especially when we have short or long coversation withfriends in class. In addition, if we can apply it at home even in our environment, that’s much better in order to enhance our opportunity to be fluent in speaking English. Another key isto be confident in learning English. This attitude extremely helps us to defeat our shyness in applying English in our daily life. A research has shown that one of obstacles which hampers students to learn English well is unconfident. Sometimes theyare unconfident to speak English owing to the fact that they are afraid of having incorrect pronounciation. Thus,in order to get accustomed to Englishwe are expected to practice this language confidently anywhen and anywhere. In addition, we have to learn it earnestly.The prophet of Muhammad said,’’someone who does something earnestly then he or she will get successful’’.From this utterance, we obtain a strong conclusion that it is essential for us to cultivate a strict style and create a good habit of learning. Once we decide to learn English, we must persist in doing it. Consequently, everything which we do must relate to English such as keeping a diary in English, doing a bit of readingin the spare...
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