Communicative Approach in English Teaching

Topics: Teaching English as a foreign language, Language education, Communicative language teaching Pages: 16 (4695 words) Published: December 2, 2011
Communicative Approach in English Teaching


I. Problems in the present English teaching and causes of these problems

II. Introduce the communicative approach
  1. The definition of communicative approach
 2. Two principles of communicative approach
     (1) Create a realistic situation
     (2) The class should be students-centered
III. Adopt communicative approach to improve students’ ability to listen and speak, and achieve the goal of English teaching

   1. Three stages in communicative teaching

   2. Communicative activities in class

   3. Achieve the goal of English teaching through communicative approach

IV. Conclusion


    Language is a means of communication. Although it is not the only form of communication among human beings, it is certainly the most important. English teaching is to teach the students how to communicate with each other, to train the students’ good and complete language ability ——- to express their ideas correctly and to easily adjust themselves to every kind of social situation. English teaching is a case in point. This paper is to discuss some problems of present English teaching approach, to state the principles and advantages of communicative approach, and to give some advice on how to make the English class more communicative and improve the students’ ability of listening and speaking.

KEY WORDS:  communicative approach     the ability of listening and speaking     simulation  

communicative activities


语言是交流的工具, 尽管语言不是人类交流的唯一方式,但它却是人类交流量重要的一种方式  英语教学旨在教会学生如何进行交际, 培养学生良好的完整的语言能力——正确表达自己的思想和适应社会的需求.英语教学至关重要.本文论述了目前英语教学中存在的一些问题,阐述了交际教学法的基本原则和优点,以及如何适应英语教学课堂更加交际化,提高学生的听说能力.

关键词: 交际法  听说能力  交际活动   情景 Communicative Approach in English Teaching

I. Porblems in the present English teaching and causes of these problems

    As present, English teaching reform has been carried out in schools, some teaching reform has been succeeded, but there are still some problems in English teaching. The students who have had several years of training in English are still unable to actually use the language. For example, the students can’t understand what the teachers have said and they can’t express themselves, their ability of listening and speaking is not up to standard. They can’t communicate with others in English. What they have learned is only used in examination. Many people believe that is is because the teachers do not do their job properly. Actually, many teachers ignore the importance of the students’ ability of listening and speaking. Now the teachers have been faced with the problem of improving the students’ ability of listening and speaking.

    English teaching reform is carried out on a national-wide scale, how do we evaluate it? Most of headmasters and teachers only pay attention to the marks of the entrance examination. It seems that some students have got high marks in examination, but their listening and speaking are very poor, they can’t communicate with what they have learned. Secondary school students have taken six years to master the essential of English and still are not able to speak the language well in many cases. In essence, the students’ language ability is incomplete.

Furthermore, many teachers think that they have taught the basic knowledge of the language to students; it is simple enough for the students to use the knowledge, later, to communicate. However, it wrong to think that knowledge of how sentences are used in communication follows from knowledge of the correct way to make them. The thought of teachers is also a reason resulting in the fact ——- the students’ language is incomplete. Investigating the west education of foreign language, we can find that the teachers never divide the four abilities in their teaching. They always put the training students’ speaking ability at the first place, they drill the students’...
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