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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Undoubtedly, English is the most important language in the world. Therefore, Proficient in English will have numerous advantages. fortunately, I have realized the importance of learning English and worked hard since I was a child. However, after 10 years of learning English experience I could hardly communicate in English and definitely unable to write an essay,that realy made me frustrating . then, I realized I must make too many mistakes in learning English. it was translating English into Chinese. I just did not feel that learning English is pleasant enough, so i just did it if i had to. At first , every language has its own rules. They usually have different grammar and using of vocabulary, which means learning English by translating it into chinese will lead to an inevitable defeat. For example, I have worked hard on learning a lot of vocabulary by translating them into Chinese. However, those translation processes were hugely disappointing.at that time I failed to express my idea accurately by those translated vocabulary. As a consequence, good grade and improvement seemed untouchable one day I became to reconglize this problem ,desperately and completely stopped translation . one year later, my English was obviously and generally improved. I attribute my success to the stoping of translation. secondly, I am going to talk about reading and writing. They are undoubtedly the key element to learn English comfortably and effectively. Improving English from only doing grammar exercises is usually inferior to reading and writing practice. Only practices can help us to react to the reality. Therefore reading and writing are crucial to our English. For example, I used to study English phrasal verbs for 12 hours before an English exam ,However, i would not read a book in English for 30 minutes every day. The problem is that a huge one-time effort gives you nothing, while small, everyday activities will give you a lot. In conclusion, think in the English way ,...
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