Behavior and Social

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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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Behavioral and social/ cognitive has different habits and ways to approach. There are several was types of habits that could be created within yourself. For example nail biting, smoking, and reading. Some habits are good and some you try to break. They could be developed in different ways and situation. A habit could be created by stress or just because you learn something new. You could obtain a habit by simply observing someone else. This is very common for children. It is easier for them to pick up a habit by observation. We as people are able to break habits. There are different processes on breaking habits. People have certain habits for certain reasons. The behavioral personality theory can determine those reasons. There are different reasons components of social/cognitive theory and there are reasons habits are formed. Develop a plan to change or eliminate your habit. There is a comparison and relationship between behavioral personality and social/cognitive theories.

One habit that I have that really sticks out is biting my nails. I used to bite them so bad until they would hurt and bleed really. I bit them when I was nervous and also at time I would be biting them and not even knowing. When I was scared I would bite them and also when I would become stress. As far as being influenced by someone I do not think I was because no one in my environment was a nail biter. So I would say it was it was just a nervous gesture or it was a habit passed down by my family genes. Mainly because of nervousness, that why I think I continued to bite my nails and just something to do. There were no role models or associates with this habit, only my friends and family wanting me to stop biting my nails.

I am not sure why I do continue to bit my nails. It is only some times that I bite them. It is when I worried about something. It is usually only one nail that I bit. When I do bit it still hurts but I am very conscious of it bleeding. I normally have my nails done, so...
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