Using Examples from Chapter 3, Describe Some Psychological Factors That Are Influences on the Health of the Individual

Topics: Health, Personal life, Public health Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: September 2, 2012
The list of personal choices we make about our health every single day is endless. There are many factors what are influences on these decisions. In the following I will analyse some of these factors. Personal beliefs

The beliefs of an individual are the most important things when it comes to make a decision about his life. What is he going to eat? What is he going to drink? Is he going to sunbathe? The first example in chapter 3 about the three girls demonstrates how complex this issue is. The three girls share several common factors. They are females, they are about the same age and they all have the common knowledge about the dangerous effect of the sun. But based on their beliefs they make very different choices. Molly’s and Shalini’s beliefs are mainly influenced by their but because their culture is so different their beliefs are very different too and also is their opinion on sunbathing. In this case Kirsten doesn’t let herself to be influenced by others and she makes a more health conscious decision. Was she always so cautious? Did something happen in her life what made her to take extra precautions when it comes to sunbathing? Our beliefs are ever changing as we grow older and wiser. We have new experiences and also the change of our community can result the transformation of our beliefs.

The habits are more important and more complex problems than we think. When we repeat something many times and the action becomes automatic a new habit has been born. Habits are part of our life and they can be helpful as they free up our brain so it can concentrate on other things¹. The problem is when we create bad habits as they are very hard to break. If we think about Rab and his habitual drinking problem or how Juliet managed to lose weight it’s easy to understand that a person needs adequate knowledge, lots of encouragement and support to break an unhealthy habit.

Is it so easy then? With good health education and support we can...
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