Becoming a Teacher - a Brighter Future Ahead

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Becoming a Teacher - A Brighter Future Ahead
The decision to enter a career in teaching is not something to be taken lightly. There are hundreds and hundreds of other careers to choose from . So I ask myself this question and ponder the reasons, why I want to become a teacher. Upon asking another teacher this question I got a quick response of June, July, and August. There has to be more to it than just summer vacation, right? Some of the other reasons people might give are such things like: extrinsic and intrinsic rewards; they feel a calling to teach; a chance to positively impact the community; having a commitment to students; and being a good role model. But just what does all this mean to me and my pursuit to be an educator? Ultimately, I believe it will lead to a brighter future for me, and for my family.

Let us take a little deeper look at some of the rewards of teaching. Everyone wants to be recognized for things they do in life, whether they are willing to admit it or not. I would love one day to have my name called out at an assembly to receive a certificate, plaque, or maybe even a banner, for being awarded Teacher of the Year. This would be a really great way to mark my accomplishments and distinguish myself among my colleagues. Teaching is not all about fame and recognition though. I think what will drive me more than anything will be the intrinsic rewards. Knowing that I am doing a job that makes a difference, like teaching a child how to read and write, learn what respect is, and take responsibility for their actions will be meaningful. Those things alone are far more valuable than rewards of recognition or money.

Another reason some might chose to become a teacher is they feel a calling or vocation towards education. Sharon Mills Draper, who was a Cincinnati public school teacher of 27 years, once said that teaching has been her "calling and vocation," describing herself as a teacher who "teaches because I must. It is in my...
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