Personal Goals as a Teacher

Topics: Teacher, Profession, Barack Obama Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: November 12, 2008
Life is like a long road with many diversions. When an infant is born, most likely his or her parents have high hopes and aspirations for the child and want to plan his or her life in as much detail as they can. At that point, the infant’s life is full of hope and unlimited possibilities. But as the child grows up, he or she selects from among these choices. We often see that a child is playing pretend when he or she wants to emulate Mum, Dad or an aunt or uncle in acting out their profession in life. Or may be he or she is responding to the children’s programs on TV like Barney or Sesame Street discussing the professions. An important question is: And what do you want to be when you grow up? For me the answer to that question was always: I want to be an elementary school teacher and teach kids new and wonderful things. The choice has solidified through time and today I stand on the threshold of achieving this dream in life. Teaching appeals to me because I am naturally good with people, especially young kids. To me they are small versions of grown ups and each has their own thinking and personality. It is so wonderful to be able to interact with kids every day and mold their lives and characters by feeding them with the correct values, manners and other things that will help them throughout life. Many psychologists have opined that a person’s character is solidified by the time he or she is seven years old. Eric Berne definitely thought so. He referred to this as a person’s life script (Berne, 1984). Teaching is a great responsibility but I am proud to take it up. In my opinion the profession is worthy of respect. We mold little people and are proud like no other when they achieve the best positions in life. Imagine the teacher of Barrack Obama when he is interviewed on TV and asked to comment on the Presidential candidate as a young child. Wouldn’t you be proud? Teaching is a demanding profession, but for me the rewards would far outweigh the efforts. This...
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