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Topics: Teacher, Education, High school Pages: 5 (789 words) Published: January 2, 2014
Pasadeña St: Pasay City

The Leaner’s Development and Environment
Pasay City North High School Annex
Coordinating School
Mrs. Maripaz Mendoza
Science Department Head
Prof. Alicia S. Benzon
College Supervisor
Mrs. Myra Q. Oliva
Resource Teacher
Enlyn A. Morata
Field Study Student

A. Student’s Resume
B. Statement of Purpose/Purposes of Portfolio
C. Focus 1: School as Learning Environment
1. School Facilities
2. The Pasay City North High School
3. Observation and Reflection
D. Focus 2: Leaner’s Characteristics and Needs
1. Interview Report
2. Observation and Reflection
E. Focus 3: Classroom Management and Learning
1. Checklist on Evident
2. Classroom Management
3. Observation and Reflection
F. Focus 4. Learner’s Characteristics and Learning Activities 1. Observation and Reflection
G. Focus 5. Individual Differences
1. Accomplished Learners Profile
2. Narrative Report and Reflection
H. Focus 6: Home-School Link
1. Interview Sheet of the Parent
2. Home Visitation Report and Reflection
I. Focus 7: Perceived Role of a Teacher
1. Interview Guide sheet
2. Reflection
J. Personal Reflection on the Portfolio
K. Comments of the Faculty
L. Rubric for the Portfolio
M. Competency Checklist (For Faculty Use)
N. Self-Rating Competency Checklist

353 S. Fernando St. Pasay City
Email Add: morataenlyn@yahoo.com
Contact no: 09297704816


Date of Birth:September 10, 1994
Place of Birth:Pasay City General Hospital
Civil Status:Single
Father’s Name:Enrico B. Morata
Mother’s Name:Arlene A. Morata

Educational Attainment:

Date Covered: Present
College School Name: City University of Pasay
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education
Major in General Science
Date covered: 2007 – 2011
High School: Pasay City West High School

Date Covered: 2001 – 2007
Elementary: Padre Burgos Elementary School


Teaching may not be a lucrative position and even an investment that guarantee a big money in return. We give our time, energy, and even sometimes our resources but sometimes it leads to disappointment, heartache and pains. Despite of those sacrifices we continue teaching because teaching our vocation; it is a calling from God. Teaching is also our mission an assigned task. Teaching is a profession; it is our way of rendering service to humanity. But touching the heart of the people and opening the minds of the children can give us joy and contentment which money could not buy. If we live up to our name as a professional teacher, a meaningful and fulfilled life will not be far .

This portfolio was made as a reflection of what I have observed during my Field Study course and to show all the things I have experienced and encountered during my observation in Pasay City North High School Annex. This portfolio show all the activities I’ve, done in order to accomplish my task embedded to my course. It covers all of the evidences in performing all the activities regarding to the learner’s development and environment. OBJECTIVES:

Identify the physical, motor, linguistic literacy, cognitive, social, and emotional development of the children or adolescents as manifested in the actual classroom setting. Observe and reflect on the different approaches employed by the teacher in dealing with learners in the different stage of development. Analyze how the teaching and learning process should be conducted considering the different phases of child development....
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