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  • Published: January 2, 2014
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Pasadeña St: Pasay City

The Leaner’s Development and Environment
Pasay City North High School Annex
Coordinating School
Mrs. Maripaz Mendoza
Science Department Head
Prof. Alicia S. Benzon
College Supervisor
Mrs. Myra Q. Oliva
Resource Teacher
Enlyn A. Morata
Field Study Student

A. Student’s Resume
B. Statement of Purpose/Purposes of Portfolio
C. Focus 1: School as Learning Environment
1. School Facilities
2. The Pasay City North High School
3. Observation and Reflection
D. Focus 2: Leaner’s Characteristics and Needs
1. Interview Report
2. Observation and Reflection
E. Focus 3: Classroom Management and Learning
1. Checklist on Evident
2. Classroom Management
3. Observation and Reflection
F. Focus 4. Learner’s Characteristics and Learning Activities 1. Observation and Reflection
G. Focus 5. Individual Differences
1. Accomplished Learners Profile
2. Narrative Report and Reflection
H. Focus 6: Home-School Link
1. Interview Sheet of the Parent
2. Home Visitation Report and Reflection
I. Focus 7: Perceived Role of a Teacher
1. Interview Guide sheet
2. Reflection
J. Personal Reflection on the Portfolio
K. Comments of the Faculty
L. Rubric for the Portfolio
M. Competency Checklist (For Faculty Use)
N. Self-Rating Competency Checklist

353 S. Fernando St. Pasay City
Email Add: morataenlyn@yahoo.com
Contact no: 09297704816


Date of Birth:September 10, 1994
Place of Birth:Pasay City General Hospital
Civil Status:Single
Father’s Name:Enrico B. Morata
Mother’s Name:Arlene A. Morata

Educational Attainment:

Date Covered: Present
College School Name: City University of Pasay
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education
Major in General Science...
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