Be Careful

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Cooking, Food Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Audrey Phippen
ENG 101

As a child we learn what kind of foods we enjoy. Whether it be from hot pepperoni pizza to creamy mac and cheese there is a reason why we consider these choices of food to be our favorite. What though, I wonder makes us all choose our favorite food? Is it due to certain holidays or traditions we associate these types of food to or is it because we simply enjoy what we eat. While most people consider food just for fun, in my life food represents family memories. Why I believe that food tends to bring back family memories would be how as American’s we tend to revolve food around the holidays. For instance what do we all tend to think of when we reminisce about Thanksgiving? Well for starters we all consider Thanksgiving as a day of feasting. Family from near and far come together to spend one day together cooking and eating; sharing memories and laughter as we celebrate a special holiday. As we prepare for this day many American’s spend days shopping and preparing food for the glorious day of reunion with family members. One of my fondest memories of Thanksgiving was last year (2011). On Thanksgiving morning we were woken up by a knock at our front door and were completely startled to see my brother standing on the porch. For most who do not know was that my brother is in the United States Marine Corps and that we have not seen him for over a year because he had been on deployment. That Thanksgiving we actually cooked our own turkey and made most of the food by scratch. Why you ask if this is important? Well we never as a family prepare things homemade and for this Thanksgiving we were all in the kitchen helping each other prepare the food; from making the biscuits to cooking the turkey we all spent quality time and laughs together. That Thanksgiving was one of the best holidays I ever have and the food was such a big part of why that memory is so special to me. While Thanksgiving is one of the most common holidays that we...
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