My Last Family Reunion

Topics: Cabbage, Feijoada, American cuisine Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Last year at my family reunion, we had an abundance of fun. We had a moon bounce for the kids. We also had a great variety of food. My family played many games. We enjoyed spending time together. Some of the things available for the children were moon bounces, a trampoline, bikes, and much more. The moon bounce was very large and it looked like an obstacle course. My cousins and I enjoyed jumping on the trampoline. It was just the right size for all of us. Some of my cousins rode bikes around the complex where the reunion was being held. The one thing that I loved most about our family reunion was the food. We had plenty of different types of food. When I ate I felt like I was at a soul food restaurant. Some of the food included: mac & cheese, deviled eggs, pork chops, ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, fish, collard green, cole slaw, crab salad, baked beans, cakes, pies and fruit. Everything was delicious! My family members played several games. One game that we played was Hop scotch. Next we played jump rope. Then we played Taboo and Monopoly. We had a bike race and a water fight. Many of the grown ups played cards and danced. While at our family reunion we had lots of activities. We also enjoyed many old family moments. We were all happy. I have learned that no one has my family’s special recipes except for us. We have made this the most memorable family reunion ever.
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