Enjoying Food

Topics: Food, Flavor, Peanut Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Necey Hallman
English 1010-P1
25 August 2011

Enjoying Food
Food is fun and has all kind of flavors, but there are dangerous kinds of foods if you’re allergic to some foods. Some people eat foods that they are allergic to because of its taste, sometimes they might be allergic to it and sometimes they might not be. It really depends on a person’s body system of what their body can withhold and take. One warning and precaution that people would have to look out for is the inside of the food’s, Sometimes the inner side of food is half cooked or have germ’s that are highly dangerous but there are all types of foods that u have to be warned about at all times if u are going to eat it. Food is easy to cook and served best at some restaurants and home. My favorite food would be well cooked and served at its best quality’s and safe at its best convenience. The foods that people can recommend are the ones that came from the best company like Meat Companies that are #1 in the nation around the world, Another circumstance that a person should take is avoiding the bad foods from their kids, Some parents feed their kids allergic reaction foods that their allergic to recommended by their child’s doctor or treatment specialist and etc. And forget that their child is allergic to certain foods. The most allergic reaction food that a person can be allergic to would be peanut oil or some certain type of peanuts.
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