Beware of the Dog

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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The author of the short story “Beware of The Dog” is Roald Dahl. The main character of “Beware of The Dog” is the Narrator/Pilot. The setting of the story is in 1940’s of World War Two. The plot is that there is a British Pilot that is flying in his Spitfire airplane who has been shot and has lost his right leg in combat. He starts to lose conscious because of all the blood lost from his leg being shot off, he flips the spitfire upside down and falls out so he can stay awake long enough to pull the cord to his parachute. Next thing he knows he wakes up in what appears to be a hospital in London. He has a nice doctor and a nice nurse. When he woke up again he heard a German airplane known as a Ju-88, he thought it was crazy that there were no sirens going off. The nurse would come in and wash him up every morning. One day after the nurse left and he crawled on his one knee and looked out the window to find a sign that said “Gard au Chien”, he then realized he was in France. The next morning she came in and she looked nervously suspicious, jumpy, and she said that there would be a reporter coming in to ask questions soon. As soon as she said this only one thought ran through the pilot’s mind and it was that if he were to ever get caught by the Germans to only state your name, rank, and number. The point of view is first person because the story is being told from the narrators mind. He knows every detail and one person’s thoughts. The theme is, don’t believe in the illusions people can give you.
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