Food Can Be Something That Arouses Strong Emotion

Topics: Emotion, Family, Poetry Pages: 3 (1325 words) Published: October 14, 2012
“Food can be something that arouses strong emotions” Compare “The coming of Yams and Mangoes and Mountain Honey” and “Grandpas soup” in light of this statement. The two texts that are associated with emotion in the anthology are both poems, Grandpa's Soup by Jackie Kay and The Coming of Yams and Mangoes and Mountain Honey by James Berry. Grandpa's Soup is about Kay recalling her own childhood memories of spending time with her grandfather in Scotland, this is similar to The Coming of Yams and Mangoes and Mountain Honey in the respect that Berry is also recalling childhood memories by remembering his homeland in the Caribbean. The two poems are evidently connected by memories and the fondness in which they are remembered, which reveals that both protagonists have an emotional link to food.

Grandpa's Soup's form contrasts heavily with that of The Coming of Yams and Mangoes and Mountain Honey, Kay chooses a form for her poem that focuses on three stanzas consisting of eight, then thirteen, then one line. She does this to keep the rhythm of the poem going as all three stanzas are distinctive and separate. The first stanza of eight lines about soup is free flowing as Kay uses little grammar to separate the lines, only using a dash, a question mark and a comma during the whole stanza. The lines are also short, consisting of ten or less words each. This form ensures that when read, the first stanza is memorable as the flow and rhythm of the short lines ensures that the reader can connect with Kay's own memories and emotions towards the soup. It also ensures that parts of the poem become stuck in the reader's mind, such as "and its dice potatoes the perfect size and its wee soft bits" which flow nicely when read and further Kay's aim of conveying her own memories to the reader, making it significant. The second stanza is longer in length than the first as it reveals...
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