Bathing a Baby

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Bathing a baby

0-1 years old- At this very young age it is important that your baby is cleaned every night. This doesn’t mean that you should give your baby a bath every night, but you should at least ‘Top and Tail’ your baby.

Topping and Tailing
‘Topping and Tailing’ means washing your baby from head to toe with warm, damp cotton wool. This method of washing doesn’t require a bath being made for the baby, however there are a few piece of equipment you will need to top and tail your baby. You will need to collect: • Cotton wool pieces

• A towel
• A bowl with warm water (38°c)
• A clean nappy
• Changing mat for nappy change

How to Top and Tail your baby:
1. Gather all the equipment together before you begin.
2. Undress your baby down to their nappy and wrap them in a towel. Making sure their face isn’t covered. 3. The next step is to get a piece of cotton wool, dip it into the water and then clean your baby’s eyes, wiping from the inner corner outwards. It is extremely important to use a fresh piece of cotton wool for each eye, in case your baby has an infection which could be transferred from one eye to the other. 4. Next clean around their nose, the skin creases around his neck and under his chin, using a different piece of cotton wool. Then clean the contours of their ears, then their face. 5. You should then use the towel to dry the baby lightly. 6. You can then clean the rest if their body if you want, using a different piece of cotton wool each time. You can clean their hands, under their arms and around their belly button, and then you can remove their nappy. 7. Changing cotton wool frequently, you then need to clean the nappy area. You must always ensure that you wipe your from front to back on a girl to avoid transferring any germs to her genitals. 8. Lastly, you should pat your baby dry then put on a clean nappy and put their clothes back on.

Bathing you baby becomes part of their daily routine. When your baby is young you may find that you bath them during the day. However, it is always good to make bath time part of the night time routine before your baby goes to bed. It is very important to understand how to bath your baby correctly, so that your baby is safe.

Bathing your baby
When bathing your baby you need get all the equipment together beforehand, such as: • Cotton wool pieces
• A towel
• A baby bath with warm water (38°c)
• A clean nappy

How to Bath your baby:
1. Firstly, you should wash your hands and get all the equipment together that you need for bath time. 2. You should then fill the bath with cold water first, and then add hot water to get the bath to the right temperature (38°c). To test the temperature you should use your elbow and the water should feel lukewarm. 3. Bring your baby to the bath area and remove your baby’s clothes. Wrap your baby in a towel, keeping their head exposed so you can wash their face and hair before you put them in the bath. 4. Wash your baby’s eyes, ears, face and neck as you would for topping and tailing. 5. Hold your baby so that their head is over the bath water and wash their scalp with a wet, soapy flannel or just water. Rinse their hair carefully and dry it. 6. Now take off your baby's nappy. If there are faeces in the nappy, clean your baby's genitals and bottom before putting them in the bath. 7. Gradually slip your baby into the bath feet first, using one hand to support their neck and head. The water should be covering their shoulders so that they don't get cold. 8. Use the cotton wool pieces to clean your baby from top to bottom, front and back. 9. Rinse your baby thoroughly, and then lift them out of the bath. Lift them with one hand supporting their neck and head and your other hand under their bottom. 10. Wrap your baby in a towel and dry them thoroughly, checking that folds of skin around the groin and neck are dry. Then put a clean nappy...
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