Health and Safety in the Child Care Environment

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D1- List Five of the main points to be considered when planning a safe and reassuring child care environment

Make sure when planning a safe environment you consider these main points: • Regular checks for potential hazards
• Supervision
• Working as a team
• Hygiene
• Make sure children’s needs are met

D2- List two physical and two health needs of children from birth to 5 years

Physical needs:
• Food and drink
• Sleep and rest

Health needs:
• Appropriate clothing
• Hygiene and safety

D3- Describe two ways the individual needs of babies and two ways the individual needs of young children can be met

Baby’s needs are being met by being looked after and being given individualised care. The setting provides everything the baby’s need i.e. if they are tired they are able to go to sleep on a mattress with a blanket and pillow comfortably. This helps the babies and also meets all of their needs.

Also at the setting the nursery provides food and drink by doing this it allows the children to hydrate and also to help them develop and have a healthy diet.

Children need to make sure there in a sterile and clean place so they don’t pick up any bugs from the germs by the nursery being kept clean this allows the children to be healthy and free from germs.

The nursery also provides spare clothes for when a child gets wet or has an accident this is a good way for the nursery to meet the needs of children as there self esteem will go down if they have to stay in clothes they had an accident in.

D4- Describe two ways the practitioner can develop and maintain relationships with families

The practitioner should have a strong relationship with families. The staff needs to be able to communicate and find out relevant information from parents. If a child is not allowed to eat something for example dairy products it’s up to the parents to tell the staff other wise there child could end up very ill.

The staff also need to greet and make the parents feel welcome in the setting and should also respect them. If the child’s parents don’t feel welcome they may start to wonder if that’s how there child feels and is being treated.

D5- Explain how the practitioner can work in a team with colleagues to support parents

Practitioners need to be able to work as part of a team. By them all working as a team they create a happy working environment not only for them but also for the children as well. This also makes things get done faster and the children have a more enjoyable day.

D6-Explain how the practitioner can support the protection of children in the setting

Children are protected in the setting by having regular health checks and also ensuring that the nursery lets no strangers in. The nursery has a very secure safety system you can only be let into the building if a member of staff buzzes you in you then have to knock on a door and someone from the inside has to let you in as the doors only open from outside if you have a thob which only staff members have. Every month the whole nursery gets checked and usually someone from the outside comes in to check the plugs, lights and fire alarms. The staff also makes sure that they follow all policies and procedures to ensure that they produce a safe environment.

D7- Give two reasons why practitioners work with other professionals and agencies

Other agencies are usually bought n to help and support the children. They also provide more opportunities for example once a police man came into do a talk to the children and showed them his hat and hand cuffs and bought them all key rings in. He also chatted about police and how they were there to help in an emergency or if they ever need help. The police man did not speak about 999 calls though as the children may not understand and call the police from a home phone the police come in once a year to do different chats with the children. When the children get to primary...
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