Cda Goal1

Topics: Play, Infant, Hygiene Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Competency Goal 1
To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment Safe To prevent or reduce injuries while children are in my care I check the rooms complete and by checking the care environment both inside and outside and supervising children at all times. Infants Are placed on their backs when they are sleeping the crib is free of soft materials or other that could cause suffocation. Mobil Infants Are kept safe by making sure that there isn’t anything that is small enough they could put in their mouth and swallow toys are checked daily for broken or loose parts. Toddlers Are kept safe by showing the proper use of toys they are encouraged to follow safety rules such as walking instead of running and sitting on a chair instead of climbing on it. Toddlers require constant supervision. Health Is to prevent the spread of germ and serve a variety of healthy foods. Young and Mobile Infants Make sure that their area is sanitized daily tables, chairs, cots, toys. Wash hands constantly before and after diapers, meals and bottles even when we use gloves, holding infants to give bottles no bottles on cribs and feeding babies on demand or routine.

Toddlers Proper nutrition and healthy habits are encourage with daily practice, washing hands, tooth brushing and healthy foods throughout the day. Learning Environment Appropriate physical environments for infants and toddlers include safe spaces a variety of learning materials in door and out door play schedules and lesson plans. Young Infants Are reacting to the new world around them and with security provide experience that encourage of trust .And one-on-one time with infants. And through play they learn eye to hand coordination hold babies often and provides activities like tummy time Mobile Infants Will crawl, scoot, climb and take steps towards anything and everything that is in front of them. Must provide mobile infants with environment are at all times safe clean and stimulating so they can explore...
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