Bap23 Principles of Managing Information and Producing Documents

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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BAP23 Principles of managing information and producing documents

• 1.1 Identify different types of information technology that may be used for work tasks

• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft Outlook
• Internet Explorer – Job posting/ CV search with Idibu • Microsoft PowerPoint
• Zetafax
• Match Maker – Stores all the candidates information, e.g. address, date of birth, qualifications

• 1.2 Outline the benefits of using information technology for work tasks

• One benefit of using information technology for work tasks is the work is presentable. On the computer we can create headers and footers, which make the documents and letters sent out to our clients and candidates, look professional. • Also we can back- up everything we work on, as it may be needed in the future for a candidate. • Commutation is faster, sending an email or a fax instead of waiting on a letter to come back in the post.

• 2.1 Explain the purpose of agreeing objectives and deadlines for researching information

• It is important to agree objectives and deadlines so you can deal with the task efficiently. If you have targets and goals you are going to be motivated to finish by the deadline or even exceed what you were asked to do. • When it comes to researching at Monarch Education there and slotted times to search CV Library at the times the new ads are most likely to be posted. • There is ‘Power Hour’ where you have to ring around all your schools within an hour and generate more money for the company. This happens twice a day.

• 2.2 Identity different ways of researching, organizing and reporting information

• Most of our time is spent on Match Maker, which is where all the information about candidates and schools we need is stored. It is where we can find the status of a candidate e.g. pending, expired, black listed. • Match maker has a contact log for each candidate, which can be...
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