Banning Cell-Phones in Flss, Should or Should Not?

Topics: Learning by teaching, Foreign language, Language education Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Full name: Dinh Phuong Thao
Class: 11A
Topic: There is a “policy” in Foreign Languages Specialized School that students are not allowed to use cell-phones during lessons. Are you for or against that policy? Give a specific reason. ESSAY

The recently published policy in Foreign Languages Specialized School that students are not allowed to use cell-phones during lessons is still under debate. A large number of students express their disapproval of this new policy, but on the other hand, almost all the teachers highly agree with it. In this following essay, I will deliver my personal perspective on this policy. First of all, we can easily gain huge advantages from using cell-phones during lessons. It’s undeniable that information technology now plays such a vital role in our daily lives, especially studying or researching. For example, students usually use their cell-phones for looking up new words in the mobile dictionaries or searching for some grammar usages during their foreign language lessons as it is particularly useful and time-saving. Furthermore, they can also use them in many other lessons, such as natural science ones, which immediately give them the accurate and reliable results. They are such wonderful and ideal tools of studying for every student, especially for gifted students, who need high-quality educational resources. Nevertheless, the advantages above sometimes turn into “a perfect mask” for some students to commit guilty actions. To begin with, they might use these effective tools for their bad behavior such as cheating in exams, listening to music, playing mobile games, etc… Such behavior is unacceptable, especially with gifted students, who are usually considered to be both literate and well-mannered. On the other hand, they will probably be distracted from the lessons if they focus on them, their studying result will go down badly without doubt. In addition, these ones considerably stimulate the teachers’ prejudices towards their...
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