Texting in Class

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Education Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: April 13, 2012
Texting in class is a very touchy subject, and can be argued from many different aspects. One of the main things though, is that texting in class would not be disruptive just for the student texting, but also to the students sitting around the student that is doing the texting. In this today’s generation, everywhere around us people of all ages and cultures circle around their cell phones in everything they do. Whether we are walking down the road, in the grocery style, in class, or even much dangerously, in driving, cell phones have grown to be a very vital part of our everyday lives. However, when it comes to cell phones and texting in the classroom, a very controversial answer is given between teachers and students. Students say they don’t see a problem with texting in class, teachers on the other hand, think otherwise. This is where the problem begins; teachers hold a very persuasive argument about why students shouldn’t be allowed to text in class or even use the cell phone at all. Students on the other hand, can also put up a somewhat reasonable argument as well. When asked, teachers would say the reason they are distracted by students texting in class, is because as they are looking at their group of students trying to lecture, they can catch the rapid movement of thumbs across a phones keyboard from the corner of their eye, and this distracts their attention from teaching and to that student. That very student on the other hand can say that this text is for a very important cause such as going out to his boss letting him know that he will be late for work that day because of school. Teachers argue, that if the students aren’t paying attention to their lecturing, then there is no use of them teaching which would be wasting their time and in turn the students’ time as well. The teacher gets paid to come to the school and teach the students and for the students to not pay attention and be distracted by texting would be very disrespectful to the teacher....
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