Year 10: Non-Fiction Exam Preparation

Topics: Mobile phone, Writing, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (340 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Year 10: Non-Fiction Exam Preparation
Easter Project
1. Read the articles.
2. Identify GAP for both texts.
3. What are the two main points for each article?
4. Look at one article. How does the writer use presentational features? 5. Compare how both articles use language to engage the reader. English – AO2 iLanguage – AO3 i| Skills|
A/A*| * Detailed evidence that the article is understood. * Personally responds to the text by analysing information, focusing on what the reader learns. * Uses appropriate quotation. * Makes perceptive connections between events, people and ideas in the text| B/C| * Clear evidence that the text is understood. * Personally responds to the text. * Uses appropriate quotation. * Analyses the text and makes connections between events.| C/D| * Some evidence that the text is understood. * Attempt to respond to the text. * Offers some relevant quotation. * Makes some reference to events in the text.| U| * Limited evidence that the text is understood. * Limited response to the text. * Limited reference to the events or ideas in the text.| U| Nothing worthy of credit.|

Writing Options:
1. Describe the scene from a window.
2. Write a letter to Year 6 students persuading them to choose The City of Leicester College as their secondary school. Why should they come to our school? OR
3. Argue for or against the use of mobile phones in school and in lessons. English AO3 iiiLanguage AO4 iii| Skills|
A/A*| * Uses complicated sentence structures and punctuation with success. * Uses accurate punctuation to structure sentences. * Uses a variety of sentence forms for effect, including short sentences. * Accurate spelling of ambitious vocabulary. * Uses standard English appropriately.| B/CC/D| * Writes with control of punctuation and sentence structure. * Mostly accurate punctuation to control sentence structure. * Uses a variety of...
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