Lewis and Clark

Topics: Microsoft PowerPoint, Lewis and Clark Expedition, PowerPoint animation Pages: 9 (2091 words) Published: March 7, 2013
“Lewis and Clark Expedition”—An Integrated Learning Event Lesson #1: PowerPoint

Teacher: Casey Lamping

Subject: Social Studies

Lesson Topic(s): Lewis and Clark Expedition PowerPoint

Grade: 8th

Learner Descriptions:
10 students: 4 girls, 6 boys
Students with IEPs who require accommodations specified in the IEP: * 1-Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), Tier 3 Reading

Students without an IEP who have special needs:
* 1-Gifted and Talented
* 1-ELL
* 1-Tier 2 Reading and Behavioral

Standards (include grade level specific details of the standards):

Montana Standards for Social Studies
* Content Standards 1.2- Students access, synthesize, and evaluate information communicate and apply social studies knowledge to real world situations.

* Content Standards 3.1- Students apply geographic knowledge and skills (e.g., location, place, human/environment interactions, movement, and regions).

Montana Content Standards K-12 Technology
* Content Standard 1.1- Use multiple approaches to explore alternative solutions

Montana Common Core Standards English Language Arts:
(Reading Standards for Informational Text/Key Ideas and Details): * 1. Cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.


1. Given the information during the PowerPoint example students will complete a PowerPoint at proficient level of 90% accuracy, as assessed by a checklist.


1. In order to make sure each student has a good experience I will make sure I use visual aids along with my instruction throughout this lesson.

2. I will ask questions and encourage students to ask questions throughout instruction.

3. I will stop instruction to allow conversation about the topic with elbow partners and walk to each table and make sure they have any questions answered.

4. These strategies will allow me to make sure each student is being reached and possible barriers are broken so each student can successfully complete this lesson with maximum learning.

5. I will use the “kush ball” activity as well to encourage students to have fun while learning.


* In order to help Roberto, my English Language Learner (ELL), I will provide him with a teacher assistant to help him with assigned tasks related to this project. Roberto will also receive appropriate lengths of time to complete the tasks assigned. The examples given through guided instruction will be very detailed and reach out to the students from different angles, which should help Roberto to an extent where he can get the most out of instruction. In between instruction I will use the elbow partner technique, which will also allow him to learn from what others have come to understand through instruction.

* For Emily, my gifted and talented student, I will try and guide her with instruction and tasks, but also try and allow her to have reasonable space to feel comfortable and let her take off with some of her interests within the topic. She will get positive support along with all the other students and hopefully come to find interest within the topics in this lesson so she can get the most out of the learning experience. I will encourage her go above and beyond with the material because she has proven to be capable of doing so.

* Jason, my student with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), will also be allowed appropriate amounts of time to complete tasks and assignments. I will try and include Jason in discussions and responses as much as possible without hurting his confidence level in order to avoid any steps backwards. Jason will be placed within the classroom where he is least distracted and I have his full attention for as long as possible. However, Jason reported that he has interests in computers so for this lesson he may do quite well with the...
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