Letter to Headteacher

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May 19, 20XX

Dear Mr. Head Master,
I take this opportunity to introduce myself as Sam Im studying in Year 7. Through this letter I would like to grab your attention towards an issue that was raised during our class discussion and I felt strongly about this topic. Therefore, I am sharing my view and would appreciate your opinion about it. As per our school policy we as students are not allowed to carry our cell phones. When I joined the school in year 7 I was informed through the school prospectus and the school/student agreement about this rule. I do accept this rule principally but I feel there are some important practical difficulties we as students are facing in this modern times that need to be addressed. I know many people will disagree with me but they do not take into consideration the practical issues lot of us are facing due to not carrying the cell phone. Therefore, with due respect to the school’s rule, I would like to put forward my arguments why we should be allowed to carry the cell phone.

One small action can make a big difference. That is why I am requesting you to let students carry their cell phones to school. As these are the opinions of a section of my class, I am sure if we do a survey there will be more like minded people around who would like to carry their cell phones to the school. Therefore, I kindly request you to consider my thoughts and do take a view of the larger picture this action will impact on. Thank you for reading and I hope to receive a positive response from your high office.

Yours sincerely

Sam Im
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