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1.0 Introduction
17 May marks the anniversary of the signature of the first International Telegraph Convention and the creation of the International Telecommunication Union. Since 1973, the occasion has been recognized as World Telecommunication Day. So the significance is clear here that Telecommunication Sector has a particular acknowledgement in the world and the result is the creation of World Telecommunication Day. In fact, Telecommunication is one of the talks of the world at present.

Tele density of Bangladesh is still the lowest in South Asia, according to the statistics of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). About 1.56% among 100 people has access to telecom facility. It shows the high potential in the telecommunication sector in Bangladesh. The existing telecommunication companies operating in Bangladesh have been enjoying competitive advantage because of less global competition but this scenario is soon to be changed as global giants are focusing on Bangladeshi markets with differentiated service and competitive advantages.

With the advancement of science and technology, we wonder regularly. Today’s world is the world of technology. No doubt of it that the most success sector is telecommunication. Few days ago people can not even imagine about the today’s communication ways. And it is also true that people have become more desperate to think about new things in this sector. In this course of action, mobile, voice call service, SMS, video telephony, teleconference, video conference etc. along with other communicating ways, have emerged. So, the best news from the business point of view is the creation of the telecommunication market. Its size is beyond imagination that there are 750 GSM operators doing business throughout the world. The picture of Bangladesh helps to realize the matter more clearly that we have six operators even in this small country. And out of 14 corer population, almost 2 corers are using this service. Millions of dollars have already been invested in this sector and also are being invested.

Technology was not only transforming the character of the telecommunications industry from within, but more significantly, much more significantly in my view, is changing the role played by telecommunications in economic and social life. Telecommunication has come to play a significant role in facilitating Bangladesh as well as the whole world changing social division of labor between material production and business and consumer services. Optical fiber cables, microwave and satellite links to the mainland, to say nothing of cross-border roaming with cellular mobile telephones and pagers, are daily reducing the transactions costs of doing business, widening the scope of markets as well as bringing together friends and families. But more than that, telecommunications is becoming part of the strategic value-chain at the heart of modern business. Obvious examples include the customer services banks provide over their ATM networks; the facilities offered by airline and travel agency customer reservation systems; the information available from online service providers; the planning and co-ordination and monitoring and control facilities available over wide area computer networks together with file transfer and data management capability; and so on. Much speculation takes place as to the future possibilities afforded by inter-active multi-media broadband networks, often with the thought that the technological potential is developing so rapidly that research and development engineers are fast creating solutions in search of problems, and services in search of markets. So it can be easily said that working and studying with this sectors not only clear our view about the Telecommunication but also grasp ample opportunity from this sectors.

1.2 Objectives of the Study:
The root objectives are given below:
✓ To have an...
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