Social Factors of Mobile Phone

Topics: Mobile phone, Bluetooth, Cordless telephone Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: April 29, 2011
Social factors-the growth of mobile phones has reached a level where most people are expected to own one. Both the sizes and prices of mobile phones have become more affordable. Hence, in Thailand, people of all status from daily-earning laborers upwards can afford a mobile phone. Daily-earning workers are replacing the use of normal lines with prepaid mobile phones, since they are able to control their expenses more effectively. For Thai consumers, mobile phones serve as both a necessity and a luxury.Moreover,Due to that advance from the coming 3G technologies, consumers will have a desire to request information and receive this immediately; this has become a priority in today's fast moving society. This means people have less patience to wait for the information desired and this is reflected in the culture of mobile phone use. 3G has the capability to transfer desired information that is up to date, directly to the handset being used Technological Factors The increasing capability of electronics in continually smaller packages enables additional technology to be included with limited affect on the size of the product. This has had a great impact on the capability of mobile phones. Also, consumer may concern about effect of radiation from use of mobile phone.

-Analysis Political and Legal Factors Political factors have increased in toughness for mobile phone operators as phones become more advanced. In particular the way in which communication between bbThe new challenge The telecommunication industry is dramatically changing. As the modernization increases in the telecommunication and networks are becoming wireless, new areas are covered by the industry. The fast growing segments of the Internet are probably the main driving force for the expansion of the wireless industry (Evans et al. 1998:13). Today we explore a high growth in networks applications and the establishment of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The next generation mobile cellular devices are...
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