Analysis of Singapore Telecom

Topics: Investment, 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, Mergers and acquisitions Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Introduction| The National Context: Singapore’s national Development And Infrastructure Policy | The Industry Context: Trends In The Telecommunications Industry.| SINGAPORE TELECOM’S STRATEGY, PERFORMANCE, AND LOCAL COMPETITIVE CONTEXT| WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD?| * Telecom’s Chairman statement * Despite’s successful transition, now facing major challenge * Competition in its primary market * The impact of its performance during Asian crisis * Technological advancement. E.g. bypass the networks of local provider when making oversea call and deprive the firm of its sources of income. * The barriers that protected Telecom’s appeared to be in danger of crushing. * The possibilities of negative growth for the year end unless there is a significant recovery of economy in the regions. | * National Development * To develop a world-class info communicating industry * Rapid economic development that closely integrating with global trade and development. E.g. accepting heavy foreign investment and attracting Multinational Corporation. * Establishing a world-class transportation and materials-handling facilities. * Providing financial support, protection, and managerial talent * IT2000, a vision of an Intelligent island * Infrastructure Policy * By developing a sophisticated telecommunication & IT infrastructure. * Allow more free market approach to the industry * Gradually privatize ST & allow competition in the industry| * The Global Competitive Environment * Deregulation, technological advancement,Privatization and consumer demand are the main issue in the highly profitable industry. * Competition exerting pressure on the price level resulting falling in marginal profit in order to sustain profitability & volume * Global organization pushes toward more open and competitive markets create an effect on the telecom industry. * Japan & Hong Kong...
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