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Banglalink is the latest addition to the GSM family of OTH. Naguib Sawiris, Chairman and CEO of OTH, announced the acquisition of Sheba Telecom (Pvt.) Limited with a cost of US$60m in September of 2004.

The company aims to make a difference in the lives of the people. Its vision is to “Understand people's needs best and thus create and deliver appropriate communication services to improve people's life and make it easier”. Their mission is, therefore, to reduce the total cost of ownership of buying and using a mobile phone. Moreover, to achieve this vision, the company has established some values that it tries to instill in its employees. They want their employees, and the company as a result, to be straight forward, reliable, innovative and, above all, passionate.

As Sheba Telecom, the worst performing network operator in the industry, the company had only 30,000 subscribers. To dispel this image, OTH had re-branded Sheba as Banglalink™ in an attempt to give it a completely new image.

While Banglalink started out quite small, it has increased its coverage from 9 to 23 districts in just over three months. The company is vigorously working till date to provide mobile communication coverage to all the 61 districts of the country. Moreover, recently on August 19 the company had a huge celebration for reaching 10 million subscribers.

Departments of Banglalink

There are approximately eight functional departments in the organization.

1. Sales Department
2. Marketing Department
3. Customer Care Department
4. Human Resources Department
5. IT & Billing Department
6. Technical Department
7. Administration Department
8. Finance Department

Sales Department

One of the most important links in the chain, the sales department is responsible for all the sales activities of the organization. Arif Malik is the director of the sales department. It is divided into four divisions:

Direct Sales, (Kazi Munirul Kabir-Manger)

This team is consisting of some employees. This department is dealing with the sales that are directly dealing with the customer. All the other operators sell their products through dealers. Banglalink, the fastest expanding mobile operator in the country would soon launch its direct sales stores in partnership with Kallol Ltd..

Corporate Sales, (Nasar Yousuf-Head)

Here banglaink first made corporate client with another firm, and then sales are made. Here some corporate client names are given… M M Ispahani Ltd
Salim & Brother’s Ltd
Tex Knit International

Distribution Sales

This is the largest team in the department. Consisting entirely of male employees, this department is responsible for managing the activities and ensuring that sales targets are met by the company’s six distributors( Lipro, Asimpex, Butterfly, Propel, Deens & Deshlink).They are involving to promotions, package offering, branding, pricing etc. Teams work mostly outdoors and report the office.

Sales Support.

This team is the smallest of all four teams. Nevertheless, they form an integral part of the department by providing logistical support to the other three teams. Thus, they have to maintain liaison with the Procurement Department; Kallol Group, our scratch card distributors.

Marketing Department

Marketing department mainly deals with Public Relation (PR) & Marketing Research. Furthermore they raise PR for contracts of Bill Boards, T.V. and Radio Advertisements including the remuneration of models. Banglalink Marketing promotion can be classified in several steps:

Advertisements in the national newspapers
Examples-Advertisements published in the national newspapers:

Advertisements through billboards.
Advertisement through Electronics media: Banglalink published their advertisement different channel as like- ntv, channel 1, Rtv, Bangla vision, ATN Bangla, radio today etc

Personal Selling:
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