Banana Blossom Burger

Topics: Hamburger, Patty, Beef Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Hamburger is one of the most common foods eaten around the world. It is composed of a patty put between two slices of bread and garnished with vegetables and other spices. It all started in the early 1200s when the Mongol army placed slabs of lamb and mutton under their horse saddles as they rode into battle. After the meat was tenderized by the saddle and the back of the horse, they would consume it raw, as if it were an uncooked beef patty. This strange but practical method eventually developed into the creation of modern ground beef. Now that you have ground beef, you know what has to come next: the hamburger. Some believe that the hamburger came from a meatball stand owner who flattened his meatballs between two slices of bread. He then called his new on-the-go creation “Charlie’s Hamburgers”. Others believe that the hamburger originated from a hotdog vendor who decided to substitute their hotdogs for beef, naming this invention the “hamburger” after their location, Hamburg, New York. On the other hand, Texans believe that the burger was a reincarnation of the breakfast patty- a beef sandwich squeezed between two slices of French toast and garnished with glazed onions. Although all of these instances have hit hamburger history, it is still uncertain which one of them is the true story behind the birth of the hamburger.

However, no matter how you sliced it, the hamburger industry nowadays is nothing as it was before. Hamburger franchises have spread their ways across the nation and continue to find innovative ways to turn their customers into loyal burger-fanatics. The hamburger industry is beefin’ up for good. This competition gave the idea to the proponents to innovate the product. They use the banana blossom or bud with smoked fish as substitute for beef patty. They chose these as the major ingredients because these are abundant in Tagaytay. Though it literally translates to “heart of banana,” puso ng saging is technically the banana...
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