Our Food Is Our Choice

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Our Food is our Choice
Genetically modified foods or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) resulted from “genetic engineering where scientists alter the genes of plant and animal DNAs for the desired specific traits” (Ackerman). In this case, GMOs have changes in their genomes and we cannot certainly tell how these changes can affect the consumers especially their health. In fact, according to Environment Canada, “Canada is the third largest producer of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the world”. As Canada being the third largest producer of GMOs, these products should have mandatory labels so consumers will be informed but currently, “labeling is [only] mandatory if there is a health or safety issue with [a] food” according to Health Canada. What will be the impact on consumers if GMOs in Canada are all labeled? In order to recognize the importance of mandatory labeling of GMO products in Canada, the benefits of labeled GMOs to the consumers will be elaborated and how non-labeled GMOs can have negative effects to the consumers especially their freedom of choice. Provided that, Genetically modified foods in Canada should have mandatory labels for consumers’ rights to know the products that can benefit and harm their health. The idea of not labeling all the GMO products in Canada is unfair to the consumers. If consumers are not informed, their freedom is taken away from them and according to Canadian Food Inspection Agency, as a consumer it is one of their rights to “access to accurate and relevant information on food safety, animal health and plant health issues….” Correspondingly, how can this right be implemented if there are still unlabeled GMO’s in local supermarkets? Although 80% percent of Canadians are campaigning for labeling genetically engineered foods, mandatory labeling of these products are still not conducted in Canada ("Labeling"). With this intention, not labeling GMOs can benefit the food business because Phillips and Isaac affirm,...
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