Burger King vs Mcdonalds

Topics: Hamburger, Burger King, McDonald's Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: May 26, 2013
The battle of the battle of creating a better burger has been going on since businesses began to sell hamburgers and compete with other businesses selling the same product. To create the better burger is the goal of any business that sells burgers since having the best will draw in customers, increase sales, and help to establish repeat business. It seems that in the past couple of decades there has been a battle of the burgers with two worldwide established fast food restaurants between the McDonald's franchise verses the Burger King franchise. These two companies have been competing in marketing and product sales for more than the past thirty years. Both McDonald's and Burger King have their own signature burger for which the different franchises are known for; the Big Mac to represent McDonald’s whereas the Whopper represents Burger King. So goes the battle of the burger between McDonald’s and Burger King, Big Mac in opposition to the Whopper which one will draw in the customers and help the franchise to corner the burger market. Both franchises offer fast and friendly service, with the options to dine in the restaurant or chose the drive thru. When considering two options of a quick burger while on the go, the Big Mac sandwich from McDonald's or the Whopper sandwich from Burger King, I feel that the Whopper is a better choice. Even though the calories are high in both the Big Mac and the Whopper I think that the Whopper is a healthier as well as better tasting choice of the two different burgers.
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