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Topics: Problem solving, Scientific method, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (937 words) Published: May 29, 2008
language-acquisition skills—developing effective language-learning strategies, reading and listening for main ideas, reading and listening for specific information, awareness and use of techniques for working out grammatical rules and conventions, recognizing morphemes and syntactical structures, recognizing parallels, similarities and differences between languages, deducing meanings from context information literacy skills—working effectively in a resource centre, knowing which sources to use and how to find them, use of dictionaries and other reference sources including the Internet, knowing how to avoid plagiarism communication skills—speaking, listening and reading for understanding, writing, responding effectively, questioning, presenting, being aware of register collaborative skills—working as a team, developing interpersonal skills, engaging in effective peer work technical skills—structuring, taking notes, skimming/scanning, documenting sources, making a critical assessment of information thinking skills—using contextual clues to extract information, self-editing, drawing conclusions, organizing and articulating their own views according to linguistic capabilities, distinguishing between active and passive linguistic knowledge reflection skills—reflecting critically on their own work and that of their peers (students may aim to reflect in the language B by the end of the programme)

knowledge-acquisition skills—an understanding of mathematical concepts and ideas, as defined in the framework problem-solving skills—mathematical strategies to solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar situations, in both mathematical and real-life contexts communication skills—oral and written skills using mathematical language, symbols and notation, and a range of forms of representation (for example, drawings, diagrams, graphs, tables) thinking skills—coherent logical and abstract thinking, inductive and deductive reasoning, justification and proof, estimation and...
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