Explain Ways to Embed Elements of Functional Skills

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Explain Ways to embed elements of Functional Skills, in your specialist area

Functional skills are basic skills of literacy, language, and numeracy with the addition of ICT Skills being increasingly regarded as fundamental. These skills can be transferred to enable the learner to progress at work and in society in general. As a tutor I will need to recognise basis skills needs, perhaps through initial pre-course assessment and discuss with the learner a discreet and sensitive referral route to gain appropriate support. I would also need to have the skills and confidence to support my learners to ensure I do not exclude the learners I am trying to reach. Easter Card Making| LLN embedded elements|

Activity for next week| |
Buy pack of A4 coloured card, glue, and Easter motifs| Reading ability, oral communication,\understand size, colour recognitionEstimate quantity and cost accurately | Cut card to 13x18cm (5x7”) Fold card in half accurately.| Exact measuring /cutting| Choose and glue selected motifs for front, and write short poem for inside.| | Go on to on line check Google for Easter pictures| ICT knowledge/skimming/scanning for idea’s.| Look for 5 words associated with Easter. Follow logical order when collating cards| Word recognition, spelling ability/Understand sequencing.| LLN learning will often take place when the elements of speaking, listening, reading, writing, or calculation are directly linked to a practical task. As a tutor I may be required to embed aspects of functional skills into my delivery.

The following Easter card making acivity will include functional skills such as, measuring, calculating, oral communication, reading, ICT Search, cutting, purchasing. This session has embedded functional skills, whilst teaching the subject, enabling the learners to learn and apply vocationally.