Ast of the People Think They Can Limit Language with Words. One Hand or an Eyebrow Going Up Can Say a Lot More Than Just a Few Words. Showing Pe

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Gizmo Hasan Cem Emre Berk Çilingir Şenol

Is not just words. You do not need words for a language. Language helps to communicate but you do not need only words to communicate, you can communicate without words too. Because…
Language is not just words because you can use language by your facial expressions. Your face can give away yourself, even though what you say is different. You can lie by words but you cannot lie with your facial expressions. Language is the most important way to communicate and you can communicate by your facial expressions. Your facial expressions can show how you think and mostly how you feel as well as your gestures. You can express yourself by your hands, by moving your body etc. The way you walk, the way you sit, the way you move your hands will tell others about you feel about something. You can communicate and try what you try to tell by using those things. Language does not only consist of words because language is a way to express yourself and tell what you want to tell. In order to o that you can use other things like facial expressions and gestures and not words. Rationale…

There are multiple ways of communicating since the first evolution mankind had. In order to say or show something language doesn’t only consist of words. There is a thing called body language which helps people around you to understand you even when you don’t speak. However most of the people think they can limit language with words. One hand or an eyebrow going up can say a lot more than just a few words. Showing people that there are more ways than words to communicate is the purpose of our group:.
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