Language: Helen Keller, Frederick Douglass , Amy Tan

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Emotion Pages: 4 (1643 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Language is a very import part in our life, we carry it with us through all the steps, processes, moments experiences of our life, language built us and make us grow and the most important thing is that it grows with us, changes, modifies itself, and becomes more appropriate and specific. As we pointed out language help us to create and understand the world around us, gives meaning to everything and gives birth to emotions and feelings; a world without language would be meaningless and very lonely. Language it’s what help us grow up, the more we learn through it, the more we desire to experience and study in deep, leading us to new prospective, opening our mind to more specific and deep concepts, ideas, projects, goals. We really can’t live our life to the best without it, we are not the same without language and we can only give it the right importance, the importance making our life being in contact and in relation with people, the importance of making us feel alive and passionate of the world we are living with, the importance to fulfill our life to the top. LANGUAGE

Language is very often considered something that all of us take for granted, something we learn when we are so little that we can’t even remember how, something that for all of us was always part of our lives. Helen Keller with her need of language to give sense to life, Frederick Douglass with his ways of learning and Amy Tan with the importance of the “Mother Tongue” language, convey to us a totally different view of how language changes, develops and gives meaning to our lives. For Helen Keller, when she was around seven years old, language was a mystery. In a selection of her biography “The Story of my life”, she describes how, because of her blindness and deafness before she was taught to communicate and think, she was like being lost in the dark, in a world she didn’t know, in a world without feelings. She uses a very impressive metaphor of a ship surrounded by fog that tries to figure out...
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