Assignment: Motivation and Leadership

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Journal Assignment

What kind of work do you do?
Subject is part owner to a computer T1/T2 provider.
How long have you been doing it?
Subject has being working there for 17 years.
Can you describe a typical work day?
Subject states that she is on the board and that she overlooks board’s requirements, check incoming and outgoing contracts, mediator, and she sets up all the rules and regulations for the cooperation. Why did you end up doing this work? What kind of person often does this sort of work? (And would they consider themselves typical?) Subject stated that she wanted to do this because she wanted to start her own business so that they could help financially stabilize friends, family members, and partners. The sort of person who often does this sort of work is an A typical person who is controlling and strives to have more out of life than what is typical. What do you like about this work?

Subject states that she likes the diversity which is incorporated through dealing with other companies and also the staff at the company. What is difficult about this work?
The difficulty is how people bond to easily which brings their personal life into their work life and how they are not able to separate friendship and work relationship. This open doors to issues like sexual harassment, misconduct, and theft. How do (customers, others in the company...) treat you? What do they think about the job you do? [Adapt this question to fit your particular interview--try to get at how they think they are treated based on their work.] Subject states that others are afraid of her and extremely intimidated. Subject states that they do not want the job that she does but they enjoy working for the company. How does being a (fill in the blank with a salient cultural category: man, older person, African-American, 20-something, etc.) play into the work you do? Subject states that initially there were barrier because of the stuffy suits that could not with having a...
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