Business Woman

Topics: Chief executive officer, Leadership, Indra Nooyi Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Great women in the business world
According to the article “IBM’s Ginni Rometty looks ahead”, we know that Ginni Rometty is the 9th CEO of the IBM and is a very successful businesswoman with great leadership and respected by a lot of people. Indra Nooyi, the chief executive of PepsiCo, is a great woman in business field and achieves a lot of reputation. The experience in their early lives, the tough spirits and the qualities of leadership make their ways to success. Before becoming the chief executive of IBM, Rometty experienced a lot and paid a lot of endeavor. Rometty was the oldest child in her family and was brought up by single mother (Hempel, 2012). She was greatly influenced by her mother, which made her independent and adamant when she faced difficulty in her career. She learned computer science in the university (Hempel, 2012). Although studying computer science is more common for women now, it was very rare at that time (Henpel, 2012), because it was very hard for women to learn it. It showed the courage and talent of Rometty, who do not afraid of the difficulties and dare to learn a new skill which is not familiar to her. Also, what she learned in the university must help her a lot when she became a member of IBM, a company that sold software and computer products. She preferred to catch up every chance and like to make decisions on her own (Hempel, 2012), but this not means that she is strict and imperial. For example, she can make a joke when somebody’s phone interrupted the event (Hempel, 2012). But when she worked, she doesn’t leave any chance. She only answered questions by email instead of interviewing her face to face (Hempel, 2012). The two examples show that she can deal with problems in a very relaxing and kind way, which makes people feel comfortable and do not feel a sense of guilty. But related to her work, she has her own rules and makes control of it. What’s more, she can use her wise to mix different culture about different companies...
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