Motivational Methods Paper

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  • Published : October 8, 2012
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Motivational Methods Paper
Rhonda Rohde
September 10, 2012
Kelli Reid

Motivational Methods Paper
This paper will provide information about three motivational methods I as a manager will apply to my organizational department which must be downsized. This information will include motivational techniques used to implement the change within my department. It will also include theoretical concepts from the textbook, Health Care Management and outside resources to support the theories used. Last the paper will conclude with highlights of the information provided to introduce the change within the organization. I just got an e-mail from my supervisor explaining that my department must be downsized and my job as the manager is to prepare my team for the changes. One of the changes I must address is the motivational techniques which will be used. Human Resources are my department and my goal is to research multiple motivational methods to understand how to lead and implement the changes. After spending many hours searching motivational methods I finally narrowed it down to three. Motivational techniques are used to achieve many goals within the workplace. One of the goals it can achieve is providing opportunities. This technique will provide employee’s with the opportunity to learn and further his or her education while working. If the company decides to downsize the employee will have more qualifications and have an easier time finding future employment. This will help reduce an issue with low self-esteem which is a problem in most health care facilities. Another technique I would use to help prepare employees for future lay off is by treating each employee as an individual. Communicating with the employees and making friends with him or her can provide important information which can be useful later on. This will provide adequate information highlighting his or her talents and giving the manager an insight of how to develop these inner...