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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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September 27, 2012


Course Project Draft

Diversity Audit

Executive Summary:
This should be no more than two pages; should include a description of the organization; and summarize the audit criteria, audit methods, description of organization's diversity initiatives, your evaluation, and recommendations. During the year of 2000 Corporation was purchased by. When this merger took place it was one of the largest bank purchases in history. Now employing over two-hundred thousand employees I believe it necessary to complete a diversity audit, which will examine this corporation integrity and diversity, in regard to it’s employees and customers of whom keep the heart of the organization beating.

Organization Background:

One Corporation officially merged on July 1, 2004. Understanding this institution to be one of the oldest, largest, and most well-know institutions in the world, along with working for this organization, drew me to wanting to dive into the history of its evolution. The firm dates back to 1799, a time where diversity was probably a term, unheard of. The organization went through nine mergers; by the end of the merger it had and still employs over two hundred thousand employees.

There are currently six executives on the board of managing this organizations culture and diversity initiatives. They manage global legal support, insurance practice, global strategies, trading, coverage banking, marketing, internal communications, public relations, philanthropic activities. They also manage banking in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, distribution of business in other countries, volunteerism, and strategic corporate marketing programs.

What begins to define this organization as a “diverse corporation” is the fact the individuals holding these positions are from all different types of ethic backgrounds. These individuals are collaborating at the highest level to make sure the firm achieves close to the...
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