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I will be designing a fitness programme for my client using the programme planning process given below. As this is an exercise prescription process I will first screen my client to find out if he/she has any underlying health issues, medical history and bad/good habits using the Par-q. This must be done as there are risks to training. The instructor must find out this relevant information before prescribing a programme as he/she will need to design a programme suitable to the client’s ability and gradually achieve overload overtime to improve the client’s fitness. According to acsm the purpose of health screening is too “Identify individuals with medical contraindications for exclusion from exercise programmes until those conditions have been abated or are under control” and “recognition of special needs of individuals that may affect exercise testing and programming”( ACSM GUIDELINES FOR EX. TESTING & PRESCRIPTION pg 18) these quotes mean that the trainer must first screen the client and must not prescribe a programme without first screening. Exercise prescription is “the process whereby a person’s recommended regime of physical activity is designed in a systematic and individualised manner”.(ACSM,1991 cited in Skinner,2005). This quote means the exercise programme is designed for the individual client only following all the protocols. The programme I design will work around the F.I.T.T principle Frequency which is how often, Intensity is how hard, Type is the type of exercise and Time is how often. According to (Walker B) the FITT formula is a great way of monitoring fitness programmes and the acronym FITT outlines the key components to a good exercise programme. I will first screen my client and if necessary ask for a doctors consent form and finally draw up a contract between myself and the client. I will then fitness test the client and design a programme to suit his/her goals. Programme planning process

Needs analysis| Programme prescription| Programme implementation| Programme evaluation | ScreenDoctors consentInformed consent| Designing the programme | Giving the client the programme | Results of the programme| Physical measurement| SportiSpecifityProgressionOverloadRelativity TypeIntensity | The programme being carried out | Re test if needed to see changes in fitnessBmi| Fitness tests | | | Ask for feedback.|

First Name: Jill
Last Name:
Gender underline correct: Male \ Female
Age: 30
Height:5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Address: no4 an teampall mail Greencastle
Home Phone: 0749382716
Work Phone: 0749381640
Mobile Phone: 08763534521
Preferred Contact: Home / Work /Mobile

Emergency Contact: George
Emergency Contact Number: 0868345322
Doctors Name: Dr Burba
Doctors Contact Number: 0862325446

Past Medical History
Have you ever experienced any medical difficulties in the past? If YES dot the appropriate bullet points. * Fainting or dizziness
* Temporary loss of sight or speech
* Short term numbness
* Diabetes
* High cholesterol
* High blood pressure
* Low blood pressure
* Heart Palpitations
* Rheumatic fever
* Back or knee injuries
* Calf cramping i.e. intermittent claudication
* Swelling of ankles or other body parts
* Heart murmur
* A recent operation
* Congenital heart disease
* Muscle skeletal issues
* Other
If you ticked muscle skeletal issues or other please outline the conditions or events you have experienced below

Past And Current Family Medical History
Have any of your family experienced any of the following conditions dot the appropriate points if YES * High blood pressure
* High cholesterol
* Congenital heart disease
* Cancer
* Stroke
* Lung disease
* Other cardiac events
* Other main illnesses
* Diabetes
* Heart attack
* Other
If you...
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