Review Segment 1 H.O.P.E

Topics: Heart rate, Blood, Exercise Pages: 5 (1182 words) Published: August 19, 2012
HOPE Segment 1 Exam Review
In addition to knowing these topics, please go through your gradebook, reviewing all of your projects and teacher comments. These are some minimum areas to focus, but you are responsible for all lesson content in HOPE. Getting Started

·Know Health related and Skill related fitness components
oBe able to write specific, measureable short term steps for a specific, measureable long term goal oIdentify long-term benefits of physical activity
oFITT and SPORT Training Principles and how to apply them in physical activity to make progress oBe able to create an exercise routine tailored to improve one of the components (prepare yourself by knowing a routine for EACH and EVERY one of the components) oExplain how to measure and monitor fitness levels and to create an individualized workout plan oUnderstand exercises enough to be able substitute similar routines in case of injuries oKnow importance of selecting a sport/activity specific warming up and cooling down for an fitness routine oUnderstand baseline fitness testing and how to interpret data around these tests oKnow the risks, safety procedures, rules, and equipment associated with specific physical activities. oBe able to select appropriate equipment for a physical activity and the environment where it will be performed ·Cardiovascular

oKnow contributing factors and complications for diseases related to the cardiovascular system: Stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure = definitions, prevention, symptoms, treatment oAerobic vs Anaerobic- benefits and types of activities that would be categorized as each oKnow various methods and to monitor cardiovascular activity, importance of target heart rate zone , and how to monitor and alter intensity during aerobic exercise oKnow how to calculate and interpret target heart rate zones oKnow how to calculate mean, median and mode and how they apply to fitness norms ·Consumer Fitness

oBe able to create a budget, knowing the difference between fixed and variable expenses oKnow benefits of using cash ,credit card or debit card oUnderstand advertising techniques, target audience, fraud, government regulations, consumer responsibilities oUnderstand how technology can help us in our quest for fitness oBe able to critique valid and reliable health products and services ·Mental Health

oKnow psychological characteristics and how they contribute to overall health oUnderstand the mind-body connection and FAT triangle
oKnow relationship between exercise and stress levels and various stress reduction techniques oKnow characteristics of eating disorders, depression, self-esteem vs. self-image oIdentify warning signs of suicide

oBe able to locate mental health resources and identify scenarios when these are appropriate ·Skill-related Fitness
oUnderstand Health vs Skill related fitness and components of each oIdentify activities that can strengthen areas of flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed. oIdentify individual challenges to skill-related fitness components oBe able to compare and contrast how movement skills from one physical activity can be transferred and used in other physical activities.

Key Terms and Vocabulary
HOPE Vocabulary Segment 1
Getting Started:
Heart rate – A measure of your heart’s beat per minute.
Static stretching – Stretching muscles while the body is at rest. Dehydration – is a condition that occurs when our bodies do not get enough water. Baseline – a starting point used for comparisons.

Efficiency – Performing in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. FITT – Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type
SPORT – Specificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility and Tedium

Consumer Fitness:
Technology: equipment, software or other apparatus that can be safely...
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