Bus 475 Week 2 Individual

Topics: Exercise, Mission statement, Strategic management Pages: 5 (1691 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Body Fitness
Body Fitness is a new state of the art fitness facility coming to the valley that will offer the finest workout equipment, intense one-on-one personal training, proper supplemental nutrition plans, and strategic planning for a patient’s course of action to get in shape. Each fitness facility will offer the essential wide range of work out equipment and will be staffed to accommodate clients from high school age to retirement. Clients will consist of the average high school student struggling with weight, the college football player looking for supplemental professional and nutritional training, or the mother of four trying to lean up her body so she feels comfortable after enduring the impact four children may bring to the world. Each workout will be accompanied by a state certified professional workout instructor, and will be outlined and detailed with goals and plans to reach in a unique fashion. Nutrition and meal plans will be personalized and relative to the overall best results for each individual client. The personal training professional will create each meal plan corresponding to each individual’s distinct workout regimen to support the utmost results. Body Fitness Mission

The mission of a company is defined as a unique purpose that sets a company apart from its competitors and identifies the range of its operation. A mission statement often offers insight on a company’s market, technological areas of emphasis, the company’s product, and most importantly, the priorities and values of the decision makers (Pearce & Robinson, Chapter 1-2, 2009). The mission of Body Fitness is simple; “Body Fitness will offer the best experience to our clientele on fitness instruction, workout regimen, nutrition, and supplements to ensure each client receives outstanding results. Our system of workouts and proper nutrition plans will set the standard for what a fitness facility should offer while considering the best possible outcome for our clients’ fitness.” Body Fitness has a keen philosophy associated with the overall end result of our clients. Although creating a customer base and expanding is paramount to the overall success of our business, our main goal is not derived from sales. While sales will come with the successful implementation of our product in to clients’ lives, our focus of proper instruction n training and nutrition is what sets our company apart from other mainstream fitness facilities. The purpose is to provide in detail, the proper nutritional meal plan, when to eat, what to eat, and most of all, proper portions. Furthermore, exercise and the proper training is essential to overall health and fitness, so clients will work one on one with their fitness professional trainer and engage in proper exercise technique using state of the art equipment. These workout sessions will be accompanied by a personal trainer, usually 30 minutes to an hour, and will cover in depth, the details of proper work out regimen, hands on training, and the use of proper technique when lifting weights or executing various rigorous training exercises. Our professional staff will always offer assistance when needed, even outside the fitness facility. Clients will be able to build a rapport with their fitness professional when questions concerning meal plans, foods, nutrition supplements, and even motivation are needed. This unique feature will compel our clients to feel like they have a genuine personal relationship with their fitness professional, and it will provide a unique point of difference from the typical trainer/client training. Using this method of personalization should alleviate some of the obstacles associated with lack of motivation. At times, many lose motivation quickly due to lack of quick results, soreness, and mental ability to sustain a proper workout. These discouraging impediments will be addressed consistently by each training professional checking in...
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