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FITT principles
1.The principle of overload uses the FITT Varibles to accomplish overload. The Acronym FITT stands for: ·Frequency- How often you exercise
·Intensity- How hard you exercises (cardio- increase resistance, speed, distance, Muscle exercise increase weights) ·Time- How long you exercise (cardio longer times, Muscle increase reps and sets) ·Type- What type of exercise you are doing

2.If Terri were strteching 4 days per week, how many days per week whould she need to stretch to increase her fequency varible? (Frequency how often increase days) 3.If terri were holding a streetch for 25 seconds and increased to 30 seconds, which variable whould she be increasing? ( going longer) Fitness Testing

1.Periodic fitness self-testing is an effective way to:
·Determine the effectiveness of your personal fitness program ·Monitor your progress
·Re-evealuate and update you previously set goals
2.What are the three components of personal fitness:
·Cardiovasulcar fitness, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility 3.Which of the following is cardiovascular fitness measured by? ·Sit and reach, push-ups, curl-ups, or 1 mile run (cardio is heart aerobic activity long period) 4.Flexibility is measured by?

·Chin-ups, sit and reach test, mile run, flex arm hang (flexibity is range of motion) 5.Muscular strength and endurance is measured by
·Pull-ups, twelver-minute run, should lift test, step test 6.The standard for the sti and reach test in the Health-Related Fitness Assessment in the course is 25 CM. Skill Components of Fitness

1.Speed is the body’s ability to cover distance in a short period of time 2.Balance is the body’s ability to keep an upright posture while either standing still or moving 3.Agility is defined as the body’s ability to change direction quickly and under control 4.Reaction Time is the amount of time it take sthe body to start a movement once the brain receives the singal to move 5.Coordination is the ability for your hands, eyes, and feet to work together succesfully 6.Power is the body’s ability to perform at a rapid pace ith strength and speed. Health Related Components of Fitness

1.Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of the heart, blood, blood vessels, and the respiratory system to supply oxygen and necessary fuel to the muscles during exercises. It measures the healthof the lungs and heart. 2.Flexiabily is the ability to move body joints through a full range of motion, It is important because it reduces the chance of injury. 3.Muscular strength is the ability of muscles to exert a force one time (being able to lift 300LBs once) 4.Muscular endruance is tha ability to repeat muscle movement over a period of time: you should lift 3 sets of 8-12 reps. 5.Body Composition is the combination of all the muscles, organs, tissues, fluids, and other things inside your body. Cardiovascular Fitness

1.Risk factors of cardiovascular disease:
·Controllable- diabetes mellitus, stress, high blod pressure, smoking, drinking, cholesterol ·Uncontrollable- hereditary, age, gender, race
2.Heart rate
·True or false- A high resting heart rate indicated a poor level of aerobic fitness (ture) ·What is the target heart rate zone- The numerical range you want to exercise when doing workouts (sually around 130-180) ·Maximum heart rate formula: 220-AGE= Maximum heart rate ·Your heart rate should return to 120 BPM within five minutes of completing your activity ·When you are exercising, if your pulse rate falls beow 50% of your traget heart rate zone, you need to increase your intensity ·If your heart rate is too high, you need to DECREASE the intesnity of your activity. ·The average resting heart rate for an adult is 70.

3.The minimum number of days you should exercise to improve cardiovascular fitness is THREE 4.Cardiovascular...
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