Assessment: Holistic and Comparing Is the Methods of Assessments

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Write a statement explaining how you plan assessment with learners including planning for holistic assessments and comparing assessment methods and adapting methods to meet individual needs

As assessment or evaluation is a method of judging the performance of an individual learner, therefore a written record of targets should be written out so that a learner knows what is expected of them and by when it should be achieved. The assessment method should allow the opportunity for reflection as each area of development is completed. It is a valuable source of information which can be used to help learners take control of their learning.

When I first go out to visit a learner within the care sector I first establish if they know what their course entails any previous learning they already have. A discussion on their job role is also import at this time.

I then get the learner to participate in a learning styles diagnostic in order to establish how they learn best, so that when it comes to providing help and support within their qualification, I can ensure that I provide the information in a manner which best suits their learning needs.

I would also get them to take a maths and English diagnostic if they need to do the key skills or functional skills part of the framework. By doing this I can again find out areas which need further development and areas which they are competent in.

The information I have gathered here I would place onto their annex A ILP, stating how I would best support them with their learning, i.e.:- booklets or discussions on problem topics.

My next step would then be to carry out a skill scan with them to find out which parts of the Diploma framework they participate in and how confident they are in carrying them out. By doing this we can ascertain what areas of the NVQ would be suited to a particular learner. This information would again be added to the learners Annex A ILP

By placing all of this information onto the...
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