Health and Social Care Level 3

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Facilitate person centred assessment, planning, implementation and review HSC 3020 Three 6 45 30/04/2015 H/601/8049

Unit purpose and aim
This unit is aimed at those working in a wide range of settings. It provides the learner with the knowledge and skills required to facilitate person-centred assessment, planning, implementation and review. Learning Outcomes The learner will: 1 Understand the principles of person centred assessment and care planning Assessment Criteria The learner can: 1.1 Explain the importance of a holistic approach to assessment and planning of care or support 1.2 Describe ways of supporting the individual to lead the assessment and planning process 1.3 Describe ways the assessment and planning process or documentation can be adapted to maximise an individual’s ownership and control of it 2.1 Establish with the individual a partnership approach to the assessment process 2.2 Establish with the individual how the process should be carried out and who else should be involved in the process 2.3 Agree with the individual and others the intended outcomes of the assessment process and care plan Exemplification The individual is the person requiring care or support. An advocate may act on behalf of an individual


Be able to facilitate person centred assessment

Others may include:  Carers  Friends and relatives  Professionals  Others who are important to the individual’s wellbeing A care plan may also be known by other names, such as a support plan, individual plan or care delivery plan. It is the document where day to day requirements and preferences for care and

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Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria 2.4 Ensure that assessment takes account of the individual’s strengths and aspirations as well as needs 2.5 Work with the individual and others to identify support requirements and preferences

Exemplification support are detailed


Be able to contribute to the planning of care or support

3.1 Take account of factors that may influence the type and level of care or support to be provided 3.2 Work with the individual and others to explore options and resources for delivery of the plan 3.3 Contribute to agreement on how component parts of a plan will be delivered and by whom 3.4 Record the plan in a suitable format

Factors may include:  Feasibility of aspirations  Beliefs, values and preferences of the individual  Risks associated with achieving outcomes  Availability of services and other support options Options and resources should consider:  Informal support  Formal support  Care or support services  Community facilities  Financial resources  Individual’s personal networks


Be able to support the implementation of care plans

4.1 Carry out assigned aspects of a care plan 4.2 Support others to carry out aspects of a care plan for which they are responsible 4.3 Adjust the plan in response to changing needs or circumstances 5.1 Agree methods for monitoring the way a care plan is delivered 5.2 Collate monitoring information from agreed sources 5.3 Record changes that affect the delivery of the care plan


Be able to monitor a care plan


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Learning Outcomes 6 Be able to facilitate a review of care plans and their implementation

Assessment Criteria 6.1 Seek agreement with the individual and others about:  who should be involved in the review process  criteria to judge effectiveness of the care plan 6.2 Seek feedback from the individual and others about how the plan is working 6.3 Use feedback and monitoring/other information to evaluate whether the plan has achieved its objectives 6.4 Work with the individual and others to agree any revisions to the plan 6.5 Document the review process and revisions as required

Exemplification Revisions may include:  Closing the plan if all objectives...
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