Ptlls Task 3

Topics: Psychology, Knowledge, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: October 12, 2011
Identify the range of needs your current/future learners may have: •Preferred learning styles – Visual, Audio, Read/write and Kinaesthetic •Disabilities – sight or hearing impairment
Equality and Diversity – may need to pray at intervals during learning, during Ramadan learners may lack concentration due to lack of food. •Confidence issues
Behavioural issues - ADHD

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Explain the methods and resources you would use to promote inclusion, equality and diversity that your current/future learners may have:

A method and resource I would choose to promote inclusion would be to ensure that the environment is appropriate for positive learning outcomes. I would complete an initial assessment prior to learning and to incorporate Equality and Diversity into the programme for learners. I would do this to ensure that I identify and add variety to my techniques and modify my teaching techniques to promote a positive learning experience. Another resource is to establish and set the ground rules immediately prior to learning and ensuring that they are understood by all.

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Identify to whom or where you would refer your current/future learners to meet their identified needs:

I will need to ensure that adequate support systems are in place for learners for example a learner may need 1:1 support and guidance. However I must recognise that I am unable to support everyone’s individual learning needs as issues may be beyond my area of knowledge or expertise.

If a learner was displaying challenging behaviour during learning, I would refer them to their line manager and/or a specialist in this field.
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