Ashford University Com 200 Week 2 Assignment

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  • Published : July 2, 2012
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Shared Talking Styles
Jessica Tuszynski
Com 200 Interpersonal communication
Professor: Laura Massengale
Ashford University
April, 2, 2012

Do the styles of our language predict the quality of interpersonal relationships? Psychological science thinks the reason why people show mutual romantic interests or can communicate better with someone is because of similar function words. “They say unconscious verbal coordination of this sort, dubbed language-style matching by researchers, signifies not how much two people like each other but how much each is paying attention to what the other says” (Ashford Library, Proquest; Bruce Bower). How can we determine if we have similar function words with who we are having conversation with? Researchers have been doing analyses on how to determine a conversation between two people and how the conversation can show how the two relate to each other.

The language style matching gave me a score of 0.73 for a conversation between me and my cousin through text messages. I believe this score is correct only because I and my cousin do not connect with similar function words. People connect better with others that have similar language styles. The language style matching was made to see if there are any similar function words between two people. This can help us better understand the other person so we can communicate with them through their language style. This can also help in the professional area so that we can communicate with our boss in a more formal or professional way. The other thing is we can think we understand one another when truthfully we are just as familiar with a person we have known for years as we are with a stranger. Now my score is low and it shows that there are hardly any language style matches or matching between the conversation with me and my cousin. I think to improve this score is to listen more to what she has to say and ask questions when I am not sure.

My thoughts on the article are; people...
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