Shared Talking Styles

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Grammar, Psychology Pages: 3 (682 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Recently, numerous correlations have cropped up between talking styles and romance, exhibited by various couples in the contemporary and olden days. This correlation has been developed through research and constant observation in order to substantiate various statements derived from psychologists. One of the considerations is that every relationship presents its own personality and once social interactions commence; synchrony is observed in verbal and non-verbal mannerisms for the individuals involved in the interaction. Similarly, asocial situations present statements or speeches that bear some extent of match especially in grammatical structure of the presented sentences (Ireland & Pennebaker, 2010). These sentences may present similar grammatical structure since; the utterances may have been experienced previously through listening or reading certain texts. Fresh studies have revealed that utilization of functional words in conversations undertaken by couples or partners has immense influence on the romance exhibited by these parties. Therefore, the conclusions presented by various researchers demonstrate the effectiveness of the functions on normal relations. Utilization of these functions has been utilized in predicting romance between two persons, in addition, to stability of existing relationships (Bower, 2010). The influence that these words bear on relationships may be factual as substantiated through various studies from different perspectives. Firstly, the substantiation of the claims by the language –style matching that embodies the extent to which individuals pay attention to one another considerably, supports the correlation presented by partners. Therefore, language–style matching cannot be regarded to be indicative of the extent to which people like one another (Bower, 2010). However, the extent to which these individuals pay heed to their partners, can be correlated thus becoming an indicator for...
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