The Relationship Between Physical Distance and Time on the Relative Strength of Friendship

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Title: The Relationship Between Physical Distance and Time on the Relative Strength of Friendship

Research reports a commonly held perception that relationships deteriorate unless those involved work to keep them together (Stafford, 2003). Idea initially developed for romantic relationships it has now been applied to friendships (Canary et al., 1993. However Wiseman (1986) reports that the friendship bond is ‘exceedingly fragile when compared with other more institutionalized relationships. This relationship aims to further determine the perception of friendship between University students and various peers and explore how the strength of the relationship is expressed through a language of physical attachment. Methodology: A transcript and video of an interview with, Louise, an Undergraduate student at Liverpool John Moores University studying psychology was analysed. The transcript outlines a semi structured interview, this approach was used because it enables the participant more freedom in the responses they provide but retains the focus on the topic of research (Willig, 2001) The transcript was analysed using Thematic Analysis as outlined by Braun and Clarke (2006). Six phases of thematic analysis were used to identify themes present in the specific section to be analysed, condense the themes and identify two predominant themes within the text. An inductive, latent analysis approach was used where the themes were identified as they emerged from the data. The analysis was performed in a social constructionist epistemology as described by Burr (1995) to identify the language used by Louise to understand how the perception of friendship is constructed. Analysis: This should be the longest section. Two themes related to the research question should be presented here. Each theme should be supported by at least one extract and an analysis of this extract.

Discussion: This should be a brief statement about how your analysis relates back...
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