The Art of Talking

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Interpersonal attraction, Word Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: May 13, 2013
The Art of Talking
Lenora Curtis
COM 200
Instructor Danielle Doud
May 6, 2013

The Art of Talking
Research has indicated there are ways of matching personality styles and compatibility by language Style Matching. The article titled “Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance” points out there are indicators that show certain similarities in the way people communicate that cause an attraction to each other (Bower, B., U.S.News & World Report, 2010). In this paper I will discuss why I believe this statement to be true as well as why I found the results from the Language Style Matching quiz to be very accurate. First, Research has found when people have an attraction to one another and have no idea why there is a connection to Language Style Matching. This is when two people use similar words or phrases, such as nouns, pronouns, and prepositions (Bowers, 2010). I personally believe this to be true because I know of a couple that was very much in love and I noticed how they talked very similar. Even when they were apart they used the same common phrases and words. I would listen to them talk to each other and I noticed a speech pattern and tone of voice they used with each other and they were very similar to one another. When I asked what their initial attraction was other than physical attributes they both shrugged their shoulders. I pointed out to them at that time they both had the same mannerisms, and almost simultaneously they both made a face and said “oh” and laughed. Another reason why I believe the article is true is because of my Aunt and Uncle. I would spend my summers with them and watch how they were so much alike in how they talked and how they would act. One day while out on the deck, I noticed how their non-verbal body language was also very similar, such as the way they both stood against the rail with arms crossed and would lean towards each other slightly. They had almost identical mannerisms and they used the...
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