Talking Styles

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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Article Critique: Talking Styles

Com 200

Article Critique: Talking Styles
At times nonverbal communication can be more important in an interpersonal relationship than shared words. The better the communication the better it is to be understood which is also very important. The intention of this essay is to discuss my views on the article, Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance written by Bruce Bower in 2010, as I do agree with the fact that certain people click. In this paper I will also discuss my score I received from the Language Style Matching website and why I do not believe that is an accurate measure of communication. The measuring of communication cannot be measure by a Language website because the difference in how people communicate. In the article “Shared Talking Styles”, experts agree that when two people are engaged in face to face conversation, only a small fraction of the total message they share is contained in the words they chose to use. The article claims that the use of function words hint as to the consideration that each person is giving to what is being said. This writer believes that when two people involved in an interpersonal relationship and are closely connected, words are often not effective communication. Bower states that people who click have a better chance at a lasting relationship. Most of the ideas in this study were based on a study led by Molly Ireland and James Pennebaker of the University of Texas at Austin. Bower suggest that similarity in the usage of function words such as pronouns, articles, conjunctions, prepositions and negations are representative of how drawn individuals are to each other (Bower,2010). Forming an opinion from Bruce Bower’s article, I do agree with the article suggesting that people who click will understand each other and have longer lasting relationships. That’s statement goes for friends and spouses, I have friends that understand my since of humor and others who may find...
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